EN SPORTS - 4-Week Bodybuilding Program Notes

4-Week Bodybuilding Program Notes

Make Every Set Count

We’ve all seen the people who simply “check the box” with their workouts.
You know what we mean.
They walk into the gym, do their 3 sets of 10 on an exercise and move onto the next.
The effort is low, the sweat is minimal, and the gains (or lack thereof) are evident.
That all changes now.
From here on out, you will not take an “easy” set. All of your working sets should be just that — working.
By all means, take as many warm up sets as you need to feel physically and mentally prepared to work. But, when it’s time to actually get into the meat of your workout, make sure you’re pushing each set for as many quality reps as possible.
You do not need to go to absolute failure, but you should come relatively close.
Generally speaking, this means stopping one or two reps shy of failure ...read here more...